With a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, Ecosense Appliances specializes in providing innovative and affordable solutions to communities.

About Ecosense Appliances

Empowering India with Clean Cooking Solutions.

Ecosense Appliances Pvt Ltd is a sustainable vertical of Sanjay Techno Products Pvt Ltd, dedicated to addressing the energy needs with a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, providing innovative and affordable clean energy solutions.


Years of service to communities
Driving Change

A step towards revolutionizing clean energy

30,000 +

Families Transformed To A Greener Future

Our vision

We are committed to provide energy efficient products through research and association with academics in India.

Our Mission

We believe in saving lives and promoting clean energy practices through appliances development, services enabling energy access for all.

Empowering Rural Households

Impact of Ecosense Clean Cooking Program

Improves Health

Improved, cleaner & modern stoves can reduce emissions and lessen the impact of diseases associated with household air pollution (HAP).

Protects the Environment

Household energy use contributes greatly to global carbon emissions, making clean cooking essential in our fight against global warming.

Women & Clean cooking

Clean Cooking can ease the health problems and Economic burden that affects women and Girls disproportionately.

Improves Livelihood

Improved cookstoves free up time, fostering livelihoods, while also addressing health and gender equality in communities.

Our Product


Clean Cooking Solutions

  • Elegant Classic
  • Elegant Oval
  • Jyoti 2.5
  • Bhuurja 10
  • Neerdhur
  • Eco Cooker
  • Continuous Cooker
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Efficient Waste Incineration

  • Zeropad Menstrual Waste                               Incinerator
  • Poultry Waste Incinerator
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Agro Waste to Energy

  • Biomass Pellets
  • Ignition Pellets
  • Pellet and Shredder Machine
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Designed For People

Wide Range Of Products

Ecochulla Bhuurja10

Clean Cooking Solution

Bird Incinerator

Efficient Waste Incineration

Ecochulla Elegant Classic

Clean Cooking Solution

Ecochulla Elegant Oval

Clean Cooking Solution

Ecochulla Jyoti 2.5

Clean Cooking Solution

Ecochulla Neerdhur

Clean Cooking Solution

Zeropad: Sanitary Napkin Incinerator

Efficient Waste Incineration
Sustainable Development Goals

Transforming the way Rural India cooks

Clean Cooking is a key driver of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) success. Cooking with Firewood and traditional stoves have great impact on lives of people and affects environment. This has resulted in Indoor air pollution affecting half the Population and cause of 4 million premature deaths every year.

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